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How To Make Yourself Reinforcing When Working With Children With Autism

Many new therapists who are about to begin working with children with autism might be concerned about how to make themselves reinforcing. The main key to a proper ABA home program is for the therapist to pair themselves with highly enjoyable activities in order for teaching to occur.

Reinforcement for Older Children With Autism

From working with older children, I know that secondary reinforcement (i.e. verbal praise) is precedent, as this is the method most adults use for school aged children. Just as important is incorporating imagination into a therapist’s reinforcement. Reinforcement is also more focused as play and less focused as strict praise at the table.

Reinforcement and ABA Therapy

Since many children with autism are not motivated to learn by intrinsic rewards, it is the therapist’s job to provide external reinforcement as a means to increase the likelihood of a desired behavior

Tips on Delivering Reinforcement

When giving reinforcement, a therapist must be quick, energetic, and ready to pull any special toys or social praise for independent successes. As well, there are rules to how a therapist must deliver reinforcement.